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Exploited College Girls - H..

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Exploited College Girls – Hayley

Hayley is a leggy, fresh faced brunette that looks as innocent as a choir girl but reveals a sexy side that you’d never expect. Today’s update starts off with Jay in full creep mode as he sneaks up on Hayley in the shower to start the interview early and we get a look at her amazing girl next door body. Here at Ex Co Gi our two main missions are to entertain and arouse. But at times we can do more and today is one of those times when we can both entertain, arouse AND educate. And no, we are not talking about another one of Jay’s slightly off center anatomy lessons.
Today we can teach you, loyal subscribers, a thing or two about women. The fairer sex. Just look ay Hayley, long chestnut brown hair; big, innocent smile; deep throating a stranger in a hotel room with 4 cameras running and capturing the action from every angle in high def. Don’t be fooled by the female of the species gents, they are more devious and hornier than we are in most cases and they’ll never let on. Imagine what Hayley’s “nice guy” boyfriend is doing today. Probably at the mall buying her a cute charm bracelet to try and get in better with her, while she’s in a hotel confessing to Jay that she’s banged at least 30 guys in just a few years of sexual activity. And, another bit of education, girls always lie about the number by half or a third so Hayley’s probably been with 50-100 guys.
Which, if nothing else, explains why she’s so amazing at sex. This girl gives some of the most amazing head we’ve ever seen here at Ex Co Gi. Before the shoot even starts she’s deep throating our man Jay and showing off her carefully honed mouth skills. After things get off to a bang, Jay manages to coax an orgasm from her with a vibrator and then a second from her as he lays her on her back and pounds her wet pussy into submission.
After trying for bonus rounds from behind and then from the side Jay can’t hold back and unleashes a trademark Ex Co Gi 1 gallon facial glazing across Hayley’s sweet smile for the perfect finish to another great shoot.

ADDED: May. 14, 2015

Pornstars: Hayley

Exploited College Girls - S..

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Exploited College Girls – Sara

Sara is just about perfect: perky tits with sensitive nipples, a sexy tan lined girl next door body, a pretty face and she just happens to be a bit of a nymphomaniac. How can we make that advanced psychological diagnosis from just a few bits of video? All nymphos have a tell – if a girl ever mentions that she doesn’t masturbate because she has sex whenever she wants? Yeah, she a nympho.
We get to know about Sara’s free spirited ways in the behind the scenes interview where Jay rolls through his list of probing questions. While he covers the important stuff: threesomes, masturbation habits, etc. he finally gets an answer that stops him in his tracks. This is a guy who, until he met Sara, was certain that he had heard everything a girl could possibly call a turn on until Sara quietly mentions how sexy she finds shemales. It’s simple math, she points out, she loves dicks and she loves titties, why not combine the two?
Soon enough, Sara gets naked and ready for sexy time. Jay starts in with his fingers on her meaty, bare pussy and then things get wetter and more intense when he switches to a vibrator. Judging by the way she squirms and moans and the way her pussy creams up, Jay must be doing something just right. Before she is too far gone, he has her drop to her knees for oral. Which leads to a fantastically slow and sensual beej that awesomely transforms into some fully inverted deep throat face fucking.
As always, Jay’s dying to get at that creamy pussy and he pulls Sara up to the bed to fuck her. He drills her on her back, then he pulls her onto the bed to clean his dick with her tongue for a bit as he finger bangs her. When he flips her onto his lap for some serious cowgirl pounding, she’s totally blissed out. Finally, Jay puts her on her knees and allows her to liberate a couple of full spurts directly into her waiting mouth. So, yeah, she a nympho.

ADDED: Aug. 12, 201

Pornstars: Sara

Exploited College Girls - M..

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Exploited College Girls – Melony and Kylie

What happens when freckly fox Melony and she of the indestructible anus, ass queen Kylie get booked for the same shoot? Porn, obviously! Great Ex Co Gi style high definition, multi-camera angle porn where Melony and her creamy pussy and Kylie and her tight brown eye compete for attention from Jay’s cock (and the camera!)
Before the porn, of course, there’s talking. Lots of talking. Just some innocent girl talk about getting ass fucked and deciding who has a prettier pussy, typical sleepover stuff, we assume. We did our best to edit out most of the pointless jabber, but some of it happens when there’s some great action on screen, so power through it. And you’ll want to keep the sound on because in between the pointless stuff, Kylie is just as liable as ever to drop something utterly filthy and you’ll want to hear it.
Anyway, we don’t need to sell this one too hard. We’ve got two pretty girls making out, eating each other out and then getting fucked in both the front door (Melony) and the back door (Kylie) by our man Jay. In an update full of great images, though, be sure to stay tuned all the way to the end to watch the two of them take a huge double facial and then take turns cleaning Jay’s dick off with their tongues and then licking jizz off each other’s face.
It’s truly magical stuff. Everyone at the office had to stop and take a moment when we saw the final product, we were that proud. Now it’s all yours. Enjoy!

ADDED: May. 19, 2015

Pornstars: Melony, Kylie

Exploited College Girls - V..

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Exploited College Girls – Victoria

Victoria’s write up should really consist of four phrases: natural D cups, perfect bubble butt, no gag reflex, likes anal. And…boom goes the dynamite – what else do we need to say about this sexy twenty-something Texas tornado? She is all around sexy with amazing natural curves, BJ skills that are beyond compare and a positive attitude that makes her a real treat.
Maybe we make too much of a girl’s attitude, but when we meet a down to earth hottie like Victoria who has a body so amazing that she COULD go through life being a huge bitch and she turns out to be a sexy, try anything sweetheart, well that’s an amazing thing. Now, we’re not saying that Vic is a unicorn but she checks 9 out of the 10 boxes on the unicorn worksheet.
Anyway, back to the good stuff. Jay starts this one off fast when he demands Victoria drop to her knees and start sucking to prove her contention that she has no gag reflex. Turns out her BJ skills are as good as she brags, she swallows Jay’s business to the base with no hesitation. This girl knows her way around a dick. Things eventually get back on track and moved over to the bed. Jay asks a few more questions, but it’s clear that our man wants to get started, Victoria’s body beckons. When she strips out of her adorable matching bra and panty combo and unleashes her perky D’s things heat up quickly. A little bit of Jay’s expert finger banging and she’s squirming to her first orgasm.
After Victoria gets off, Jay has her put that fine ass in the air so he can attempt some anal and while he technically gets there, Vic isn’t very comfortable so he relents and switches to her pussy for some serious pounding and another orgasm. From there Jay maneuvers her onto her back where he fucks her pussy as she rubs her clit furiously. After a bit more pounding, including some really intense reverse cowgirl, Victoria gets to her knees for a reluctant facial. Which is odd. You’d think as a country girl she’s had worse things splattered on her than a few squirts of Jay jizz.

ADDED: May. 26, 2015

Pornstars: Victoria

Exploited College Girls - G..

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Exploited College Girls – Ginger

Redhead lovers, we haven’t forgotten about you. This week we present Ginger. A slim, curvy little redhead with an impressive set of bouncy, natural boobs and an equally impressive ability to orgasm on camera. She and Jay click right away and their chemistry drives this hot update from start to explosive finish.
Things start off with a little behind the scenes car interview, which leads to a behind the scenes car blowjob, which leads to MORE behind the scenes at the hotel with even more behind the scenes blowjob action on a hotel terrace. It won’t take you long to see that this 19 year old newbie is very sexual and very into being on camera, she’s really a natural.
Despite confessing at the start of the shoot that she’s a little nervous, Ginger really seems to get into it. After blowing Jay SEVERAL times, he returns the favor by fingering her to a real, noisy orgasm. Ginger then shows her appreciation by taking care of Jay with yet another beej. After some nice replays, Jay gets down to the business of trying to make Ginger orgasm again. He takes her on her back, doggy and even lets her ride him as hard as she can where she finally orgasms again. Finally, after stuffing Ginger’s pussy in sideshow he’s ready to tap out and has Ginger drop to the floor for a nice splashy facial.
As the shoot wraps, Ginger says something off camera while she’s toweling off her complimentary facial and Jay circles back to capture it – she explains that her Ex Co Gi shoot was the best sex she’s ever had. We get it, Jay. You’re the mack and you fuck ’em in the back. But honestly, she’s 19. If you asked her what the best pizza or beer she’d ever had she’d say Papa Johns and Mich Light.

ADDED: Jun. 02, 2015

Pornstars: Ginger

Exploited College Girls - H..

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Exploited College Girls – Hilary

After a few weeks of busty show offs, we’ve taken a step back with a shy first timer named Hilary. She’s got a tight little athlete’s body and, it turns out, a pussy as grippy as a brand new Fleshlight lubricated with honey. From the minute the cameras start rolling for a little behind the scenes talk two things are apparent: 20 year old Hilary is a true first timer and she’s pretty shy about it; and for some reason this really gets Jay excited and he takes a liking to her from the start.
As Hilary talks with Jay, you will notice that she’s hardly wearing anything at all. Jay certainly notices and gets some great shots of her pert, pokey nipples tenting her shirt. Jay is yanked out of his distraction when Hilary mentions that she almost never has an orgasm during sex. You can practically hear Jay shout “Challenge Accepted!” from behind the camera.
After getting prettied up, Hilary gets settled on the bed for a few more questions and then Jay goes to work with his fingers and then a vibrator where he soon discovers that Hilary wasn’t lying about how tight her pussy is. After a nice deep throat beej, Jay lubes up his cock and eventually manages to fill Hilary’s incredibly tight box. If there were such a thing as a sex detective…a dick dick, if you will, he might determine that the reason that Hilary has never been fucked to orgasm is that her previous lovers have been working with say dime rolls rather than quarter rolls because as soon as Jay fills her up, he manages to fuck her to orgasm in a matter of minutes.Or maybe he’s just got a magic dong. There aren’t any girls in the office here, so we’ll never REALLY know.
After getting drilled in doggy, fucked from the side and pounded in reverse cowgirl Jay can’t hold back the tide any longer and unleashes another fantastic, splashy facial across Hilary’s cute smile. You know, with an attitude as positive and up for anything as Hilary’s and as much as Jay obviously likes her we might just see her again and when a girl comes back a second time, well…you know what that usually means.

ADDED: Jun. 09, 2015

Pornstars: Hilary

Backroom Casting Couch - Da..

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Backroom Casting Couch – Dane

When Dane tells us she cums from anal, I knew this casting would be an assfucking extravaganza. I didn’t expect it to be THAT awesome though. The night before I rescued this now ex-stripper after her club fired her. After listening to her crazy gangbang and submissive sex stories (she’ll repeat some of them here, don’t worry), I told her to come audition for me for a chance to make $1000 to $5000 per day. Like any good, desperate, self-loathing girl, she jumps on the opportunity. Dane starts off proving her love for anal by shoving two fingers in her ass for her masturbation demo. After one of the most incredible blowjobs in my life, and some rug sampling, I take Dane’s pussy for a test drive. I lift the 5’2 spinner up in the air and it’s all fun but really, I can’t wait to get in that ass. INCREDIBLE! Let’s just say this crazy girl wasn’t lying about loving anal. Dane is one of the most sexually enthusiastic and kinky girls of all time. “A star is born”…is what I would say if I had any intentions of giving her the job.

Date Added: Apr.13,2015

Pornstars: Dane

Backroom Casting Couch - Re..

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Backroom Casting Couch – Reighlei

Reighlei is only 20 years old and is having a sexual free-for-all that she plans to continue until age 25 (Take the red pill & google Open Hypergamy). A webcam model at night and gym bunny during the day who wants (needs?) more sex in her life. I’m more than willing to help after I see her photos. 5’5″, blonde, blue-eyed girl-next-door. Unfortunately, she permanently marked her body up with large tattoos, which tells me that she likes to fuck & make bad decisions… and tattoos never lie (unlike the girls they’re inked onto). During the casting, Reighlei is smiley, friendly, giggly and talkative. She loves anal, double penetration, can suck cock like a high priced escort, & is on birth control (no need for a $50 Plan B pill – yay!). After I cum insider her, I shoot a close up of her pushing my cum out of her pussy. She tastes it and says, “It’s good! It tastes like cum and strawberries.”

Date Added: Apr.20,2015

Pornstars: Reighlei

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Stranded Teens - Kirsten Le..

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Nubiles - Lily G - Down To ..

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Nubiles – Down To It

21 year old Lily G. is a Russian coed with perky all naturals and an ass that won’t quit. Don’t miss out as she peels off her clothes and then sinks two fingers knuckle-deep into her naturally tight bald fuck hole that quivers at the thought of taking a big dick.

Pornstars: Lily G

Nubiles - Lily G - Innocent..

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Nubiles – Innocent Look

Lusty Lily G. has a naughty streak that won’t quit. After slipping her finger into her tight twat beneath her clothes and finding herself slick and wet, the perky coed races to get naked so that she can enjoy a full out pussy fingering session that can only end with a body quivering climax.

Pornstars: Lily G

Nubiles - Candee Licious - ..

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Nubiles – In The Moment

A sports bra and tight shorts show off every inch of Candee LIcious’s hot body. The only thing better than checking this blonde chick out as she shows off her skintight clothes is to enjoy the show as she peels them off and then shimmies out of her tight thong so that she is naked and waiting.

Pornstars: Candee Licious

Nubiles - Quenna - Get Me W..

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Nubiles – Get Me Wet

Lusty 22 year old Quenna loves getting in the shower since it means peeling off her bra and panties and getting warm water all over her small boobs and flat belly. After making sure she’s nice and clean, the horny coed spreads her legs so that she can aim the spray at the needy spot between her thighs.

Pornstars: Quenna