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Moms Bang Teens - Rip For T..

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Moms Bang Teens – Rip For The Taking

Rayna Rose took her boyfriend to a house that she was house sitting while her moms friend was away. Rayna was looking hot in those tiny shorts. They began kissing and her boyfriend undressed her. He began munching on her pussy on the couch when her moms friend, Jamie Valentine, came out from a back room and caught them. She watched them for a moment and got turned on. She interrupted them and they were embarrassed. She told them to continue and that she would help Rayna return the favor to her boyfriend. She guided Raynas mouth to his cock and she also sucked on his cock. Then, they took turns getting their pussies drilled. The man juice went all over Raynas and Jamies pussy.

Pornstars: Rayna Rose, Jamie Valentine, Brick Danger

Private Casting X - Ashley ..

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Errotica Archives - Prophet..

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Errotica Archives – Prophetic Dream

Pornstars: Pelageya

Sex Art - Resonate Dance

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Sex Art – Resonate Dance

As Andrej Lupin�s �Resonate Dance� commences, Anna Rose stares forlornly out of the window while Margot A gazes fondly at her girlfriend. Margot comes to join Anna Rose at the window, lightening the mood and inviting her friend to dance. Their slow dance, bodies pressing close together, turns increasingly sensual as they kiss. Margot undresses her girlfriend slowly, licking and sucking her hardening nipples, then hitching up her skirt and squeezing her ass. Margot�s loving embrace turns Anna�s mind to lustful thoughts and she guides her friend onto the couch, parting her legs and lapping at her pussy. Her tongue circles Margot�s clit and spreads her labia open, dipping into her hole. Together, the girls frig Margot�s pussy, Anna�s two fingers thrusting fast into her slot while Margot�s own fingers grind on her clit. When Anna falls back over the couch with her legs over her head, Margot dives face first for her crotch, pulling her panties aside and tongue-fucking her hole. She sucks hard on Anna�s clit before sticking two fingers inside her lover to pleasure her. Anna goes face down, ass up, rubbing her clit while Margot finger-fucks her and eats her asshole to an intense orgasm. A sensuous study of two elegant beauties with a shared passion, �Resonate Dance� is as arousing as it is gorgeous. Watch through the closing credits for a more playful version of their intimate dance!

Pornstars: Anna Rose, Margot A

Nubiles - Rita Raven - Peti..

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Nubiles – Rita Raven – Petite Russian

Juicy Russian Rita Raven can’t keep her hands off her generous boobs. Peeling off her bra and then her thong, the lusty coed seduces herself with soft touches to her bare tits and hard nips, and then moves further down to fondle her sensitive clit and her greedy bare twat.

Pornstars: Rita Raven

Nubiles - Emma Price - Swee..

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Nubiles – Emma Price – Sweet Emma

Emma Price is always ready and willing to get herself off at a moment’s notice. From massaging her little boobs with their perky puffy nipples to peeling off her panties to reveal her bare slit, this hottie is 100% sensual. Once her magic fingers start working her bare twat, she’ll show you hot hot she really is!

Pornstars: Emma Price

Viv Thomas - The Initiation..

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Viv Thomas – The Initiation of a Maid Episode 2 – Dawning

Beautiful redhead Michelle H picks up a pair of panties and smiles as they trigger sexual memories featuring her busty blonde girlfriend Lena Love. She recalls Lena leading her away from a garden party, removing said panties and stuffing them in her mouth to stop her screaming out and alerting guests as Lena makes her orgasm orally. Indoors the pair tease their innocent maid, Zoe Doll, making her expose herself and watch while they express their insatiable longing for each other � hands, lips and tongues exploring every inch of their delicious bodies voraciously. Once they are done with Zoe, they massage each other�s well-juiced pussies, concentrating heavily on one another�s clit, until they come in unison. When they have stopped shaking, Lena lies back on the couch and indicates she wants Michelle between her thighs. Michelle slides her slippery tongue up and down Lena�s sticky slit, while the panting blonde squeezes her own breasts. Michelle licks two fingers and starts diddling Lena�s hot snatch while simultaneously tonguing her to climax for a second time. Lena repays the favour by eating Michelle to orgasm again. Exhausted, they embrace, evidently very much in lust. Meanwhile Zoe is plagued by the lustful thoughts her tormentors have inspired�

Pornstars: Lena Love, Michelle H

The Life Erotic - Caviar

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The Life Erotic – Caviar

Sima is treating herself to some caviar � and admirers of this cute brunette are in for a treat too. We find her crawling on hands and knees along her kitchen counter, lapping and slurping up a trail of large golden caviar pearls. Her turquoise summer dress is riding up to reveal a pair of clinging white panties. The trail leads to the jar of caviar and, at first, Sima savors it slowly, one pearl at a time. As each one pops against her tongue, her pleasure becomes increasingly erotic, and when she helps herself to a spoonful, she exposes her breasts. She begins to place the pearls on her body � on each nipple, in a trail down to her panties, and then on her trimmed bush � before scooping them up with her fingers and eating them. This inspires her to use her bead bracelet to enhance her pleasure. She rubs it against her tits and pussy, splaying her labia with her fingers so she can roll it over her clit, then frigs herself with it before pushing it inside. As her clit gets more attention from her fingers, we see a sharp close-up of her twitching pussy and asshole. Then she pulls the beads out slowly, and brings herself to a cum with her fingers, moaning loudly. Just when it all seems to be over, she rubs herself again and climaxes, her body rocked with spasms. She lies back on the counter and resumes eating the caviar, hinting at further pleasures to come.

Pornstars: Sima B

Nubiles - Brooke Underhill ..

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Nubiles – Brooke Underhill – Playing With Toys

Brooke Underhill may be young and inexperienced, but she won’t let that stop her. This horny teen loves getting naked and letting her favorite vibrating toy do all the work as she pushes it deep into her cum hungry bare fuck hole and works it until she’s creaming her climax!

Pornstars: Brooke Underhill

Nubiles - Emma Price - Plat..

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Nubiles – Emma Price – Platinum Blonde

Leggy blonde Emma Price is a certified nubile Canadian with small tits and a tight lean body. Her little boobs are a perfect handful, and her slim waist flares out to a lovely ass and bare slit that will bring you to your knees as she shows off just how she loves to be touched.

Pornstars: Emma Price

Viv Thomas - Love Lesson Ep..

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Viv Thomas – Love Lesson Episode 4 – Reconciliation

Henessy dresses slowly in lingerie and stockings, lost in thought as she waits to see whether her lover, Gina Gerson, will join her. When Gina appears, Henessy pushes her against the wall, kissing her forcefully, to Gina�s evident delight. Their passion for each other reawakened by their sexual encounters with the adventurous couple who are sharing their holiday villa, they touch and grope hungrily, grinding together. Henessy kisses Gina�s neck and sucks her nipples, then pulls off her dress and panties and tongues her pussy skilfully. Gina thrusts her pussy out to ride the sensations, then spins around to get eaten from behind, and fingered to an intense string of orgasms. Gina tugs down Henessy�s panties and fingers her roughly, keeping her on the edge and then eating her to an explosive climax. As the two couples part at the end of their eventful trip, it�s clear it has been a valuable � and enjoyable � learning experience for them all�

Pornstars: Gina Gerson, Henessy A

Sex Art - Sweet Memories

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Sex Art – Sweet Memories

Andrej Lupin�s �Sweet Memories� finds Sam Brooke and Steve Q going through some pictures on Steve�s camera, sharing laughs from times past. Sam is soon thinking of more passionate times, kissing her lover gently on the cheek. Their embrace builds slowly, Steve standing over a seated Sam. She unbuttons his jeans and lifts his T-shirt, kissing him softly on the belly, pulling his pants down to free his stiffening cock. She massages his balls and strokes his length, toying with him; then runs her tongue over it, sucking it deep into her mouth, her lips gliding over the tip as she blows him with maximum intensity. Steve lifts Sam from her seat and she pushes him back against the wall, undressing in front of him. She kneels, wanting more of his cock in her mouth, fucking him with tongue and lips. Lying back on the glass desk, Sam guides Steve�s head to her pussy and he tongues her clit, lapping her juices from deep inside her. When Steve backs into a chair, Sam straddles him, easing her pussy down onto his shaft, riding him long and hard, grinding back and forth. Wanting him deeper and harder, she turns and bends over the desk as Steve runs his tongue up from her clit, into her pussy, and over her asshole. He fucks her slowly from behind, powering into her, grinding his cock around and around as Sam holds tight to the glass table. She turns, ready to come, and lies back on the glass, eyes full of lust as Steve drives his cock back inside her. Her orgasm blasts out as he slams hard and fast deep inside her sodden pussy, pulling out to let Sam jerk his load over her quivering tummy.

Pornstars: Sam Brooke, Steve Q

Teens Like It Big - All Gro..

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Teens Like It Big – All Grown Up

Sexy teen Karter Foxx always had a crush on her dad’s friend Jean. Will he be able to resist her now that she’s all grown up?

Pornstars: Karter Foxx, Jean Val Jean

Hot And Mean - Stepsisters ..

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Hot And Mean – Stepsisters Share A Bed

Kharlie can’t believe she has to share her bed with her new stepsister Piper. She loves to play with her pussy every night, but now that Piper’s here she has to be very sneaky about it. But Piper is so curious it’s not long before she catches Kharlie masturbating and joins in. Kharlie teaches Piper the right way to touch herself, and soon the lesson gets a little more hands-on. These two tight teens are about to scissor the night away!

Pornstars: Kharlie Stone, Piper Perri

Pretty Dirty - Alex Grey - ..

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MyDirtyHobby - zwar habe Ic..

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MyDirtyHobby - Supergeiler ..

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Czech Casting - Kristyna

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