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Viv Thomas – Love Lesson Ep..

34827796_love-lesson-episode-4reconciliation_viv-thomas-360p.jpg Viv Thomas - Love Lesson Episode 4 - Reconciliation Henessy dresses slowly in lingerie and stockings, lost in thought as she waits to see whether her lover, Gina Gerson, will join her. When Gina appears, Henessy pushes her against the wall, kissing her forcefully, to Gina�s evident delight. Their passion for each other reawakened by their sexual encounters with the adventurous couple who are sharing their holiday villa, they touch and grope hungrily, grinding together. Henessy kisses Gina�s neck and sucks her nipples, then pulls off her dress and panties and tongues her pussy skilfully. Gina thrusts her pussy out to ride the sensations, then spins around to get eaten from behind, and fingered to an intense string of orgasms. Gina tugs down Henessy�s panties and fingers her roughly, keeping her on the edge and then eating her to an explosive climax. As the two couples part at the end of their eventful trip, it�s clear it has been a valuable � and enjoyable � learning experience for them all� Pornstars: Gina Gerson, Henessy A

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MyDirtyHobby – Mia Bitch, C..


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Viv Thomas – Anina Silk, He..


PrivateAmateure – Ein schon..


Amber Lynn Bach – MegaPack


Viv Thomas – Love Lesson Ep..

34684637_love-lesson-episode-3rememberence_viv-thomas-360p.jpg Viv Thomas - Love Lesson Episode 3 - Rememberence Anina Silk goes to check on Henessy, after their respective girlfriends have cheated on them at the holiday villa they are all sharing. Anina says it?s obvious the passion has gone from Henessy?s relationship with Gina; she and Ivana have been trying to remind them what it?s like to have fun. Anina takes off her clothes and joins Henessy on the bed, kissing her softly at first, then straddling her as their embrace grows more heated. Henessy relaxes into it, becoming more playful as Anina licks a trail down to her pussy, and starts to eat her skilfully. Anina spreads Henessy?s petals open with her fingers and sucks her clit as she fingers her, then raises her hips up to eat her voraciously. Henessy turns over for Anina to fingerfuck her hard and deep from behind, bringing her to an intense climax. Now Anina sits on Henessy?s face, her ass cheeks rippling as she gets licked; she lies back, rocking her pussy up against Henessy?s mouth as she moans her way to a climax that has her arching up off the bed in ecstasy. As they kiss and cuddle, Henessy realizes she has reached a new understanding of her relationship? Pornstars: Anina Silk, Henessy A

Monique Fuentes – MegaPack


Viv Thomas – Love Lesson Ep..

34644649_love-lesson-episode-2playful_viv-thomas-360p.jpg Viv Thomas - Love Lesson Episode 2 - Playful Henessy and Gina Gerson are having breakfast at their shared holiday villa when Ivana Sugar comes in wearing an open robe that leaves nothing to the imagination. Gina is enthralled, while Henessy is irritated, and complains about Ivana?s noisy lovemaking with her girlfriend Anina Silk the previous night. By way of apology, Ivana and Anina ? who strolls in totally naked ? offer to take them hiking. The four girls have a really good time, and back at the villa, Ivana suggests they continue the fun with a game of Truth or Dare. When it?s Gina?s turn, she dares Ivana to kiss her. Henessy and Anina both storm off, as the kiss gets steamy; Gina nuzzles Ivana?s neck as she slides a hand between her legs. Ivana tugs Gina?s tiny shorts down and laps at her pussy, spreading it open with her fingers. When she slides a couple of fingers inside to fuck Gina as she licks her, Gina comes like crazy. They move to the floor and Gina sucks Ivana?s nipples until they?re stiff and throbbing, then pulls off her shorts and starts to eat her furry pussy, sucking her long labia and then spreading her open and thrusting her tongue inside. The girls move into scissors, grinding on each other energetically; then Gina gets on top in a sixty-nine, eating and finger-fucking Ivana skilfully, making her come hard. Gina sits on Ivana?s face to get licked to an intense orgasm of her own. Pornstars: Gina Gerson, Ivana Sugar

Kennedy Leigh – Megapack


FilipinaSexDiary – SiteRip


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